LET’S TALK is a conversation series featuring award-winning South Asian women and non-binary documentary filmmakers who get together for an intimate chat about their films. This is the behind the scenes dive into the minds of filmmakers who are committed ethical and artful documenting of lives.  If you want us to organize any specific conversations, or hear from specific, filmmakers please write to us at info@bitchitracollective.org

Environmental Filmmaking

Mridu Chandra & Priya Thuvassery

Episode one of Let’s Talk features Mridu Chandra, Producer of “Becoming Cousteau” and Priya Thuvassery, Director of “Coral Woman.” 

Mridu has worked extensively as an archival producer on various films. When she was approached by Director, Liz Garbus, she couldn’t wait to dive into the trove of Jacques Cousteau’s videos and photographs of underwater exploration. For Priya, the story almost walked up to her. Uma Mani, the protagonist of Coral Woman called Priya’s office and approached her with an idea to make a documentary on corals in India. 

In this engaging conversation, learn more about Mridu and Priya’s latest projects that deal with climate change and the strong environmental voices in their films.

Connect with filmmakers here: @MriduChandra @PRIYATHUVASSERY

“It is never too late to change the course of your life” — Mridu Chandra